Information about Numbfast Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream

Numbfast is no longer available.
We recommend to use "Dr. Numb" to our royal customer.
Please try to use "Dr. Numb" Product for Numbing Experience.

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Numbfast is now discontinued! If you need a health-certified numbing cream, use Dr. Numb!

Numbfast is a water-based, non-oily, topical anaesthetic cream designed specifically to relieve the pain & discomfort experienced during tattooing.

Numbfast is simply the best numbing cream on the market & is being used by many tattoo artists and cosmetic professionals around the world.

Used & approved by Tattoo Artists around the world, you won't find a tattoo numbing cream as effective as Numbfast

Numbfast contains lidocaine, a substance that has been used for many years as an anaesthetic in medical and dental offices. Numbfast contains a pure form of lidocaine which acts as the numbing anaesthetic for the skin and relieves the pain and discomfort from the tattoo procedure.